Loving fashion and still being affected by its negative impact of gender stereotypes has been a constant juxtaposition in my life. After examining the sources where I consumed fashion, I came to realization that these platforms often leaves me with an unhealthy perception of my body and mind. Hence, during my bachelor graduation project I decided to find an alternative and more wholesome way of consuming fashion.

After researching the history of fashion magazines, and high-end fashion advertisements, initiating interviews with friends and professionals, the final result is Rewrite - a critical response to the traditional fashion magazine, including interviews with fashion designers, photographers and editorial designers, such as Ida Klamborn, Sam Nowell, Hana Holquist, Sara Kaaman and Tomas Gunnarsson. 

Rewrite stands for rewriting gender and fashion norms. It’s a fuck you to the capitalist world view and male gaze which has for centuries decided which body is accepted or not. It’s a space to vent and to find new inspiration provided by fashion enthusiasts to professional fashion designers.  

The zine format is an homage to the activist movement, and allows for slow consumption. Additionally, the colour choices is an alternative to the white and minimalist pages in traditional fashion magazines. For my last half year at the univeristy, I wanted to explore with typography and layout to create a unique look and feel that  is more inclusive and conceptional. The zine was finally printed at my friend’s apartment and binded by hand through Japaneese bookbinding technique. 
Work: Zine, Branding, Identity, Conceptualization, Layout Design, Printing, Japaneese Bookbinding, Creative Research, Interviewing, Copywriting, Photographing. 
Year: 2020
Details: Indesign, Photoshop, Anna’s Printer, Wordpress

Monday Nov 5 2018