Lisa Yang

Lisa Yang is a Stockholm based fashion brand with focus on modernizing cashmere. Straight forward and with ease, each piece is mindfully created for the contemporary woman.

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Rewrite is a graduation project, exploring the juxtaposition of a great passion for fashion and its negative impact on female stereotypes stemming from a male gaze. The final result is a critical response to the traditional fashion magazine.

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Places provides drop-in workplaces in Stockholm as an alternative to permanent offices. Based on memberships, Places is a space where people meet, co-work and create.

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Oliva is a Swedish skincare brand, developed with concern to the every changing nordic climate. Based solely on organic ingredients, Oliva is one of Scandinavia’s largest manufacturer of skincare.

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Venture Design

Venture Design is a furniture company based in Växjö. With manufacturers around the world, Venture Design values quality from production to delivery. Creating furniture to last for years and generations to come.

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Monday Nov 5 2018